New skirts

Every single time I make modern skirt after finishing a historical project, I’m surprised by how quick it is. It might also help that I’ve done skirts a lot of times, while every historical project is full with new things. But it always feels good to finish a project in just a couple of hours, very fulfilling.

The first skirt is 50’s style. It consists of 8 triangle-shaped panels, gathered at the top to fit a waistband and closes with an invisible zipper in the back. I just barely managed to get this out of 1,5 m of 1,5 m wide fabric, by cutting off-grain. Maybe next time I’ll get a little bit more, but for now it worked!


The hem is the lazy version, zig-zagged and then just turned once.


The zipper goes up to the waistband, which is kept close by a little hook and eye. Because sewing a blind zipper into a stiffened waistband is a pain, and this works just as well.


The panels are tapered, but still too wide at the top to fit my measurement, so they’re gathered onto the waistband.



The other skirt is made with fabric I ordered from Spoonflower back in December. The fabric is an adaptation of the painting ‘the Swing’, by Fragonard. The fabric just shows the lady on the swing losing her shoe, but the original painting includes a gentleman perfectly positioned to look under her skirts. Which becomes even more meaningful if one knows that ankles were considered more risque than a decollete, and that ladies at the time didn’t wear drawers.

The fabric is a repeat of this part. It’s not quite as sharp as I’d hoped, but still a nice fabric. I got the cheapest cotton, as it was a bit of a try out. Next time I’ll probably get one a little thicker, because it’s very crispy and thin, and wrinkles quickly.


The skirt is a rectangle, pleated to a waistband:


I used two strips for the rectangle, and I think I managed to pattern-match the front quite well!


The closure is again an invisible zipper and a hook and eye to close the waistband. (Forgive the wrinkling, I’d been wearing the skirt right before the picture, and as this is the part I sit on…)


I finished the hem with a little strip of antique lace I got a while ago. It’s really small and delicate, but I think it suits the skirt.


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