My works. Follow the link below the menu to see more from each period!

IMG_8644_zps2tbhc85j (349x600)

1910s & 1920s

13001034_10207222913389685_5188091121524301323_n b

Edwardian –  ca. 1900-1910



Early bustle ball gown

Victorian bustle period – ca 1870-1890


Mid-Victorian – ca. 1850-1870


1830’s – 1830-1840

Regency – ca. 1805-1825


18th century – 1700-1800


17th century – 1600-1700

Medieval kirtle & veils

Late medieval – 13th & 14th century


Non-Historical (corsets, dresses, skirts)

3 thoughts on “Portfolio

  1. Dear… (could not find your name on this site)
    I have just completed a book on the history of tennis – a chapter about tennis attire. Such story is pointless without good illustrations and I would be grateful for your kind permission to use one of your pictures of tennis playing ladies in Victorian dresses
    Best regards……… Jacek Luba

    • Dear Jacek, that sounds very interesting! Do you mean the original pictures of Victorian ladies? Or the pictures of me in the dress playing badminton? I’m afraid I don’t own the original Victorian images.

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