Info archive

In this page is an overview of my more research-related posts. Things like more detailed descriptions of things, tutorials or exhibition reviews.


General historical costume:

1896 Suggestions for Dressmakers

Cartride pleating in the 18th century (it exists!)

Corset Elastique – Regency mystery garment

Album de la Mode Illustrée – A guide

Chintz – Terminology post

Getting an (almost) historical look the easier way – or: how to cheat to most effect

A timeline of silhouette changes

Historical accuracy – Regency

De Gracieuse fashion magazine, a walk-through

Digital design sketch tutorial


Case studies & Exhibitions:

The Isabella project – A Tartan wedding gown reproduction

Chintz in the Rijksmuseum

Femmes Fatales – Women designers in the Kunstmuseum Den Haag

‘Uit de mode’ – Fashion exhibition Centraal Museum Utrecht

Chintz in the Fries museum – How chintz was worn

Chintz in the Fries museum – color & pattern

Depot visit – Gemeentemuseum Den Haag

Catwalk – Fashion in the Rijksmuseum Exhibition

A ca. 1900 wool Jacket

Macedonian Folk costume, Collection of the Museum of Macedonia, Skopje

Mr. Darcy meets Eline Vere – 19th century costume Exhibition


Image posts to help with inspiration:

Mid 19th century ballgown bodices

Regency backs

Regency Sleeves


Traditional costume posts: (Some of the links in the posts might be broken, sorry for that!)

18th century Zaanstad  by Jan Duyvetter

18th century Friesland  by Jan Duyvetter

Northern Limburg

Marken – case study




Bunschoten & Spakenburg


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