Info archive

In this page is an overview of my more research-related posts. Things like more detailed descriptions of things, tutorials or exhibition reviews.


General historical costume:

1896 Suggestions for Dressmakers

Cartride pleating in the 18th century (it exists!)

Corset Elastique – Regency mystery garment

Album de la Mode Illustrée – A guide

Chintz – Terminology post

Getting an (almost) historical look the easier way – or: how to cheat to most effect

A timeline of silhouette changes

Historical accuracy – Regency

De Gracieuse fashion magazine, a walk-through

Digital design sketch tutorial


Case studies & Exhibitions:

The Isabella project – A Tartan wedding gown reproduction

Chintz in the Rijksmuseum

Femmes Fatales – Women designers in the Kunstmuseum Den Haag

‘Uit de mode’ – Fashion exhibition Centraal Museum Utrecht

Chintz in the Fries museum – How chintz was worn

Chintz in the Fries museum – color & pattern

Depot visit – Gemeentemuseum Den Haag

Catwalk – Fashion in the Rijksmuseum Exhibition

A ca. 1900 wool Jacket

Macedonian Folk costume, Collection of the Museum of Macedonia, Skopje

Mr. Darcy meets Eline Vere – 19th century costume Exhibition


Image posts to help with inspiration:

Mid 19th century ballgown bodices

Regency backs

Regency Sleeves


Traditional costume posts: (Some of the links in the posts might be broken, sorry for that!)

18th century Zaanstad  by Jan Duyvetter

18th century Friesland  by Jan Duyvetter

Northern Limburg

Marken – case study




Bunschoten & Spakenburg


One thought on “Info archive

  1. Looking for the Butterick 6119 1950s wraparound dress sewing pattern as shown on your site. Would be grateful if anyone had one or knew where I could get it for a friends birthday. Thank you so much Sharon

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