2018 in review

The new year has started, so it’s time to look back at 2018!

I had few concrete historical costuming plans at the start of this year, mostly planning underwear and accessories. Those plans were the 1660s shift, 18th century stays, and the steeple henin. Those all got done, so that’s good! I didn’t do so well with my modern wardrobe, as I planned to make 2 dresses, but only got half-way on one.

Looking back at what I did make, it’s mostly underwear and accessories. I made two shifts, one pair of stays, one corset, one false rump, one corded petticoat, three 18th century petticoats, a fichu, a hat, and a henin.


Top-Bottom, Left-Rithg: 1660s shift, Burgundian henin, 18th centuy stays, false bum, petticoat, fabric for other 2 petticoats, hat, 1830s corded petticoat & early victorian corset. I don’t have ‘separate’ pictures of the 18th century shift and fichu.


For outer garments, I only really finished one piece; my 1780s silver dress. But honestly, given that it was sewn all by hand, and how busy last year has been, I’m pretty happy with it. It wasn’t rushed, and I didn’t take short cuts, which usually lead to regrets. It took me half a year to sew, but I really enjoyed making and wearing it. That definitely makes it worth it, although I’m not yet planning to make everything entirely by hand in the future. I’m also really happy with how the whole look came together. I made quite a bit of underwear and accessories for this dress, and for my first attempt at the 18th century, I think it came together quite well!



At the Winterball at D’Ursel (picture courtesy of Irina Krutasova)


However, when thinking about this year, what really comes to mind is not the costumes I made, but the events I went to. In 2017, I visited one historical ball, and that was only the second one ever. I’d mostly been wearing my costumes to fantasy fairs. I did that in 2018 as well, but I also visited four historical balls, one salon, organized two historical picnics, and went to a conference. This was one of my big goals, and I’m so happy it worked out so well, as all of these were wonderful experiences.


The events from last year! Top-bottom, Left-right: Winterball at D’Ursel, Salon de societe de raffinee, victorian picnic 2, Structuring Fashion conference, victorian picnic 1, Societa di Danza ball Brussels, Persuasion ball, Elfia fair, New-years ball Ghent.


A big bonus of visiting more events was that I got to know more people in the historical costuming scene, or got to know them better, which was so lovely. So thanks to everyone for making it a great year!

2015 – Year review

It’s Januari again, so time to look back at what I did last year! I made a post in the beginning of the year with my plans. I think I did all right. I managed the first portion of the list at least ;). The rest is still on the schedule, but will have to wait a bit longer. And I also made more than 10 modern pieces this year which weren’t included in the planning.

Let’s start with the historical projects.

I started off the year by re-furbashing my old elliptic hoop into a round one. I’ve not worn it yet, as I don’t really have anything to wear over it, but if I ever get around to 1850’s costuming I’ll have a hoop!


After the hoop, I finished my 1860’s ballgown bodice.


And made a new petticoat for my new 1860’s hoop!


Then it was time to start on the new project, Edwardian! A whole new period, so first up was the underwear.

A chemise:


Bust improvers


The corset


Then I also made  a corset-cover, (which needs re-making, as the ruffles are a bit too much)


And drawers, which I havent posted about because I only have pictures in which it needs ironing (sorry!)


Almost done with the underwear now, the final piece was the petticoat!


So, 6 items of clothing later, it’s time for the outerwear!

These are probably my favourite items of the year.

I made a white cotton and lace blouse:


And a high-waisted tartan wool skirt:


So the outfit is very nearly done! Now I just need to make a hat…


I also did quite a lot of ‘modern’ sewing this year.

A bunch of cotton skirts with flowers

20150330_185816 20150330_185731

20150330_190304 IMG_2965

And a dress of the same type.


And a skirt with belt which was a gift:


Then I made a corset. My first modern one, first underbust and first time drafting the pattern.


And I made 2 jersey dresses from fabric with vintage inspired prints.


Finally, I made 2 modern tartan skirts which I haven’t posted about.


So… on to next year! I already have plans and the first new project has been started. I’ll do a post with plans soon!

2014 – Year review

My review of 2014, a bit late, because I finished a couple of projects at the end of december which I wanted to blog about first. Looking back, I think I achieved quite a lot. For me, 2013 was the year in which I truly started historical sewing. I made my first set of underthings, for 1860’s, and finished my first regency dress. In 2014, I continued and learnt a lot.

The year started with finishing my 1860’s black velvet dress.

Photo by Jurgen Niessen

Photo by Jurgen Niessen


After this dress, I started on new regency clothing. To do it properly, I first needed underthings, so I made a shift:



And stays:



After this, I could make my new dress. I started this dress in the summer and it took ages to finish, but it is done and I really like how it turned out.



The end of the year was very productive for me. I made a full set of items for regency outer-wear. A spencer, chemise, bonnet and muff.



At the end of the year in the christmas holidays, I finished two more items. A new, sturdier 1860’s hoop:



And although not entirely historical, my Irish dance dress:



Now onto 2015!