Sewing – modern with a classic twist

There’s a bi-yearly fabric market which also stops in the town where I live, and I always try to make time to go. This year, there were a lot of digitally printed fabrics. Not very suitable for historical sewing, but they do come in some great prints. I saw a couple which I just couldn’t resist and bought them. Only problem; they were jersey fabrics, which I hadn’t got a lot of experience with. So I sought a sewing magazine with some suitable patterns in it (also on the market), checked the yardage and bought the fabric. My goal was to make 2 jersey dresses which would be suitable for work and wearing in winter. Most of my dresses are summer dresses (i.e. don’t have sleeves or only very short ones), or are either too short or too fancy to wear to work. So I figured they’d make a good addition to my wardrobe. The patterns were published in the Dutch Knipmode magazine of November 2014. The only change I made was to lengthen the 3/4 sleeves to long ones.

Given that this was the first time working with a pattern for stretch fabric, I’m pretty happy with how they turned out!

The first fabric is a greyscale compilation of what looks like vintage children’s advertisements. I combined it with black jersey for the skirt. (The dress sits a lot better over my hips than those of my dummy by the way, the weird shape is gone if I wear it).

The full dress:



A close-up of the neckline:



A detail of the fabric: (pattern-matched at the back). I loved these little girls!



The back of the bodice:



The second fabric was the one which originally cought my eye. It’s a mix of an antique corset, roses, thread scissors, sewing machine charms and sewing dummy advertisements. I abselutely couln’t resist. This time I used only the print fabric. This dress has the same skirt pattern as the first one, but a slightly different bodice and neckline.



A close-up of the pleating in the bodice and skirt.



Close-up of the neckline.



A close-up of the corset on the print.



And another close-up of the fabric.



Additionally, I also made myself 2 new belts recently. I own one black elastic belt, which I wear all the time. It’s also perfect for these dresses, to break-up the look a bit. I wanted more belt like this, but it was difficult finding non-plain black wide elastic which would suit. Luckily, there’s a store in Utrecht which carries absolutely everything considering lace, ribbon, elastic, buttons and closures you could ever want, so I found 2 lovely elastics and closures there.

There’s one with a silver closure:


And one with a gold one:



And a quick peek at what it looks like with the dress: