2016 Overview

The beginning of the new year is a time to look back on what I accomplished last year. I find this to be quite inspirational, as you sometimes forget what you’ve done in a year.

In January, my todo list for the next year was as follows. Red-white regency dress, red spencer, red wool cloak, Edwardian hat, Edwardian tartan jacket & blue/silver regency dress.

I managed to complete all but the red spencer & red cloak. The red spencer is in progress, but taking a bit more time because I picked what’s probably the most time-consuming trimming method available. More on that later. The red cloak hasn’t happened yet, but will definitiely go on the todo list for next year.

I also mentioned doing 18th century, 1880s or Tudor if I had time. In the end, this ended up being 1870’s because I’ll be attending a Victorian ball next year and the theme is early bustle. In total I made 4 pieces of undergarments and 4 outer garments for this outfit, so I think I did pretty good on that!

Finally, I made 3 historical items which weren’t on the list at all, and finished 2 modern blouses, a new underbust corset and 6 modern skirts (3 of which I blogged about).

All in all, a pretty productive year! Blow, an overview of all blogged-about finished pieces made in 2016.

The first item was made right after the new year, a regency petticoat.



Shortly after, the dress this petticoat was made for was completed. Still really happy with how this turned out, and I hope to have an occasion to wear it to sometime soon!


After the recency projects, two modern skirts out of cotton.


Although the Edwardian tartan project started in 2015, it got finished and worn in 2016! The hat & jacked completed this outfit.



I also made another underbust corset, my first attempt at pattern matching!



Even though I didn’t really need another regency dress, this fabric was just irresistable. I made this up mainly because I wanted to get rid of some of my stack before allowing myself to start new projects. I do like how it turned out though, and I still love the color.



Another regency item I didn’t necessarily need, but which came onto my path and was too nice to resist.



After finishing the big Edwardian project and some new Regency pieces, it was time to start on something big and new. Early bustle (ca 1875) Victorian! A glimpse of the chemise.



And of course, a bustle was needed!



As well as a new Victorian corset.


A slight interlude from all the Victorian costuming, a plaid wool skirt which finally got finished!

IMG_8667_zpsqbpgyfjj (400x600)


And a 1920’s evening dress. Because once I got an invitation to a ’20’s themed event I couldn’t resist.

IMG_8644_zps2tbhc85j (349x600)



The last couple of months of the year I went back to Victorian. Starting with a cotton petticoat.

IMG_8782b_zpssftn6cgu (800x426)


And, finally, the main pieces. An underskirt, overskirt and train.

IMG_8881b_zpsgn5s92v8 (800x400)


The final garment of the outfit: the bodice.

20161204_152759_zpswkjjbgom (600x338)

To completely finish up the look I made red roses to serve as trim and hair accessories. The full outfit is completely wearable now.

Naamloos-1_zpsyicqpmtl (333x600)

A quick project while finishing the dress was a mantelet in the same era.

IMG_8926_zpsvrohxamu (600x400)

Finally, I made a pair of drawers. Started December 30th finished December 31nd!

20161231_143222_zpsatjjutuv (333x600)