Inspiration – Green Natural form

Natural form fashions are so interesting. It’s the period from roughly 1877 to 1883 where the bustle almost disappeared from fashions, before it popped up again. It’s also a period of crazy trimming, complicated skirts and trains. When browsing through fashion plates, I noticed a large number of beautiful green dresses, so here’s an inspiration post.

A lovely green/beige combination with red details. Perfect for Christmas?


A clear display of the influence of the oriental on dress. (I also love the yellow/red combination)


More asian influences. Look at the print on the bottom!


More gray-ish, but I love the elegance of this dress.


Green/yellow combination with buttons. I have to admit I also love the pink one!


Mint/yellow and moss/pink combinations


Of course, we need to include a dress with bows!


A walking dress in dark/light green. With a train, of course!


More pink & green, and more bows!


A green/black combination, quite simple for this period, but very elegant


A much more complex dress, with pink flowers!


This color combination is so interesting, green and purple. But it works for this dress!