Inspiration – Red cloaks

I love red cloaks. It probably has something to do with the whole red-riding hood vibe, but I also really like the color and feel of deep red wool. This weekend, I found a beautiful natural red wool. I already had some plans of making a red cloak one day, so I couldn’t let the opportunity pass. It might take a little time to get around to making it due to other projects, but the first step is there!

When I first thought of making a red cloak, I had the long, 18th century type in mind. I still love this style, but I recently found some examples of gorgeous Edwardian cloaks and fell in love with the style, so I think that will be the new plan. For this post, some inspiration of historical red cloaks.


18th century


1800-1820 Manchester City Galleries




c.1898–99, Metmuseum I love the cut of this cloak.


1890s Metmuseum. The braiding on this cloak is one of the reason I’m leaning towards this period. I’d be a lot of work, but it’s so pretty!