2022 plans

I wrote this post right after the 2021 re-cap, and then waited until I’d got a picture of my latest finished project. As that still hasn’t happened yet, I’m just going ahead without.

Honestly, similarly to last year, my plans aren’t super concrete yet. I’ve got some events planned, but for most I could also wear something from my closet, so I have very little things that absolutely need to get done. Instead of planning far ahead, I’m making plans as I go along, based on what events come up and what I feel like doing.

The first project of the year I finished early january! During the holiday break, I finally made a winter coat for myself. It’s difficult to find nice wool coats which are both warm and have a flared skirt, so that was my goal.

I haven’t actually taken good pictures of the final result, but hopefully I’ll manage soon so I can actually write a post about it. It’s already seen quite some use, and I’m very happy with it so far.

Right now, I’m working on a project I tentatively started last year; a smocked late 19th century blouse. I’ve started the practice smocking last year, but I’ve now cut the blouse and marked the smocking lines. There’ll be quite a bit of hand-work on this, but it should be really nice when done! Mine will be based on the one below, though made in black silk.

After this, it becomes a bit vaguer already! I do want to continue on my stays. I don’t know how far I’ll get, but I do have an 18th century event in fall. Depending on the speed of the progress, I might be able to use that there. Since I don’t have recent pictures, here’s one from before it was fully stitched:

It might even be possible to make a dress to go over it. That would probably be the one I showed last year as well, a chemise based on this project. No promises though, it might take more time than expected! (it has done so far…)

Some other things that are on my wish list (and which I already actually have fabric for):

1830’s wardrobe additions. Most notably a white blouse, a cotton dress and a wool coat.

I really like the versatility of blouse/skirt combinations, and it’s something you start seeing in fashion plates around this time:

I have this cotton fabric for a dress. It’s very bold, but that fits the crazy 1830’s silhouette perfectly! Cotton dresses were very fashionable in the 1830’s, and can be a bit more practical than silk. So might be nice for day-events in particular.

And I’ve got fabric for two 19th century summer gowns, good for summer picnics! Something like these:

One black:

And one white:

This is the fabric I have. It’s lovely sheer cotton, you can see the print on the underlayers shining through.

As you see, nothing super specific yet! The events I have planned are a 1890’s ball (for which I made the green dress), a Victorian fancy dress event (for which I’ll probably either re-wear my fairy bustle, or adapt/accessorize the gold/black bustle gown to a ‘night/stars’ theme), and an 18th century event (for which I’ll either wear my silver dress, or make something new if my stays are finished). I’m enjoying sewing whatever I feel like in the moment, so I’ll probably keep doing this, especially as long as I can use my fabric stash. I’ve got quite a lot of options to pick from, so plenty of opportunities!

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