Holiday inspiration

Time has been a bit odd this entire year, but November in particularly disappeared very quickly. I have done some sewing since finishing my stripey bustle, but haven’t started any big new historical projects. Instead, I’ve picked up a modern dress I started on last year, worked on an 1830s bonnet, and got back to sewing on my hand-sewn 18th century stays. None of those things are ready to show though.

So instead, I figured I’d share some inspiration pictures. I love dark red and dark green as colors, and love how they look combined. There’s just something very festive about it. As a theme, here are some 1890s fashion plates in holiday colors. I hope they make you smile the same they do to me.

Some snassy stripes,combined with red and green? The left outfit is also quite fabulous.

Plaid is always a good choice for the holidays.

A little brighter, but they make such a striking pair I couldn’t leave them out.

Again, fairly summery, but the colors are definitely festive!

Although these don’t have green, I did think they fit the theme:

And her friend was just too fabulously wacky to leave out:

Wouldn’t this make a great new-year’s look?

And to finish off, this fabulous lady. I had planned to only include fashion plates, but she was too good to pass. The color, the silhouette, the shine of the fabric. I might need to put this one on my own wish list…

Élegante au coucher du soleil by Yvonne de St Cyr

7 thoughts on “Holiday inspiration

    • Thank you! No concrete plans for regency at the moment, as it’s actually the period I own most garments from (probably because they’re relatively quick 😉 ). Who knows what’ll come up when events are possible again though, I might get an itch for a new dress again 😉

      • I’m working on my first set of stays – interesting so far, to say the least! I love the Regency, it’s my favorite period so far. I’d love to get a bonnet or hat or two as well; sadly all the best ones are made in the UK and converting pounds to Canadian dollars adds up! 😉 I’m too scared to try making my own hats right now; starting small and then working up. BTW, do you have any tips on regency stays-making?

      • Thank you! As for tips, not specifically to stays, but definitely try to make a mock-up, and include any boning/cording you also plan to use in the final one. For form-fitting garments like stays the fit is very important to make them both feel and look right, and the best way to get that down is to take the time to try out your pattern :).

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