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It’s been a bit quiet here on the blog, mostly because I’ve barely sewed the last month. The main reason is that I was very busy finishing my PhD dissertation, which was due end of august. I made the deadline (yay!), submitted the draft and now only have administrative stuff to do. That firstly means time for a holiday, but I’ve also been planning some new sewing projects. I’ll have some more time before I start a new job, and some new costume events coming up, so that means plans are being made!

The first plan is a new era for me, late 17th century! There’s a new-years ball in Gent in the opera, and after thinking about going for a couple of years that’s now definite. The dress code for this year is 1660-1715, so I’m going to make something new.

I’ve been eyeing some golden silk, so maybe something like this:

I really love the pearls with the black bows on this dress.

Although if I find some (affordable) silk satin something like this might also still be in the running. I do really like the ‘open’ front.

Princess Mary Henrietta (1631–1660), Princess Royal, Princess of Orange by Gerrit van Honthorst National Trust – Ashdown HouseAtelier Nostalgia | Nostalgic musings, on historical clothing, traditional costume, fantasy, photography and history.


Another big project I’ve been thinking about is a 1880’s wool winter dress. Ever since I got my Victorian winter boots I’ve been eyeing wool and braid dresses. Plus: there’s a winter event in December I could wear it to.

Things might change, but this is the idea I have so far. Burgundy wool, black faux fur and loads of braiding (because why make it easy).

Winter bustle


These two are the bigger plans, but I also have some other things going on.

Firstly, I’ve started on a pair of 18th century stays. No plans for a dress yet, but I figured I’d start on the underwear so that once I have an event for it, I’d have a foundation to build on.

The main layers are already sewn together (green linen outer layer), but this is me planning out the boning channels. I’m also planning on some decorative stitching on these. (the black swirlies)



Additionally, I’ve been thinking on making an 1880’s corset. I don’t necessarily need a new one, by 1870’s one would do for the winter dress, but I’d like trying out some new things. Particularly shaping me towards the pattern a bit more, instead of the other way around. In other words: padding. I’ve got most of the materials I’d need in stock, so it won’t cost much extra. It’d be one layer of black coutil with red contrasting boning channels, german whalebone bones and flossing.

I saw this corset in person last week, and really liked the contrast panels for the cording, so I might try to incorporate that as well.

Fripperies and Fobs Corset ca. 1860-90 From the NORDISKA MUSEET


I’ve also got fabric for two vintage dresses. One 1940’s black with flowers, and one 1950’s plaid. Especially the first one has been planned for a while, so I’d like to get started on these as well.

This is the pattern for the plaid dress, I’ve got a grey-black one with a small blue stripe to make it.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor SIMPLICITY - 8251


So these are the plans for the coming months! I’ll see how far I get, although I have a break between jobs I also have a tendency to plan a little too much. The coming weeks I’ll be on holiday, and after that I’ll get started!

8 thoughts on “Life & plans

  1. Congrats on finishing your PhD. Very impressive. I’ll look forward to you posts on your new proposed projects. Do you this in the bows on the 17th dress might be navy blue? Have a wonderful vacation.

  2. Congratulations on finishing your dissertation. When will you defend it? And what’s your theme? You might have mentioned it earlier, but I don’t remember.
    I agree with the above commenter that the bows look like navy blue, but who cares, really? You’re not going to dress as the paintin, are you? At least the way I understand your design process you get inspired by a painting and then make something similar. I would suggest choosing the colour that looks the best on you.
    That snazzy corset is amazing! It’s a thing of beauty in itself, not a mere undergarment. The pockets on the 50’s dress are also quite something. You won’t need a bad with that dress, nor be afraid of pickpockets.

    • Thanks! Current plan is somewhere in January, so it’s a while off yet. I work in human-computer interaction, my topic is a virtual agent for PTSD. I don’t think I’ve mentioned it here, as it’s pretty far removed from anything historical fashion related ;).
      I’ll see about the ribbons, who knows, maybe the blue would look really good with the gold. And if not I’ll just do it whatever I think prettiest. It’s definitely true what you say, there’s always some room for personal interpretation in sewing projects.
      And corsets from this era are definitely beauties! There’s a level of artistry and creativity in the 1880’s corsets, and a wealth of bright colors as well! Just imagine the stern looking ladies in all those all pictures, and then think they might be wearing a bright pink corset, as those definitely exist ;).

      • A virtual agent for PTSD? As in a virtual model to understand how PTSD works in the brain and gets triggered? Maybe you’ll need some pink power-underwear to remind you you know your stuff while defending? (Though, of course, you might get a lovely opponent, but I know not all are that lucky).

  3. Slightly different, more like a small virtual character that assists people in following therapy via a computer application. And I think I’ll be okay, although I might say something different the hour before the defense ;). We do get to pick the committee ourselves though, so I know approximately what to expect.

  4. Love the burgundy wool! I am working on a red shot with black taffeta with some similarities (black cording trim, frog closures) for next March, and meantime, trying to get a more HA dress done for Dickens Christmas Fair.

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