Black bustles

Time for pretty pictures again, this time of black bustle dresses. I’d guess ranging from ca. 1875 to ca. 1885. All from La Mode Illustree. Beware of a very image-heavy post, because I’m bad at choosing. They’re placed chronologically, so you can see the progress in styles from big and fluffy to sleek to the revival of the bustle.













2 thoughts on “Black bustles

  1. It’s hard to believe they went back to the bustle after achieving such an elegant smooth fit and line. Those huge back shelf bustles at the end of your illustrations are awful.

    • I guess they weren’t fully done with them after all . I personally quite like the style, and imagine it’s actually easier to move around in than the very narrow skirts of the natural form movement. In the end, it lasted maybe 6 years before the bustle was got rid of for good. (then again, what followed were giant puff sleeves, I have to say I prefer the bustle personally 😉 ).

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