2015 – Year review

It’s Januari again, so time to look back at what I did last year! I made a post in the beginning of the year with my plans. I think I did all right. I managed the first portion of the list at least ;). The rest is still on the schedule, but will have to wait a bit longer. And I also made more than 10 modern pieces this year which weren’t included in the planning.

Let’s start with the historical projects.

I started off the year by re-furbashing my old elliptic hoop into a round one. I’ve not worn it yet, as I don’t really have anything to wear over it, but if I ever get around to 1850’s costuming I’ll have a hoop!


After the hoop, I finished my 1860’s ballgown bodice.


And made a new petticoat for my new 1860’s hoop!


Then it was time to start on the new project, Edwardian! A whole new period, so first up was the underwear.

A chemise:


Bust improvers


The corset


Then I also made  a corset-cover, (which needs re-making, as the ruffles are a bit too much)


And drawers, which I havent posted about because I only have pictures in which it needs ironing (sorry!)


Almost done with the underwear now, the final piece was the petticoat!


So, 6 items of clothing later, it’s time for the outerwear!

These are probably my favourite items of the year.

I made a white cotton and lace blouse:


And a high-waisted tartan wool skirt:


So the outfit is very nearly done! Now I just need to make a hat…


I also did quite a lot of ‘modern’ sewing this year.

A bunch of cotton skirts with flowers

20150330_185816 20150330_185731

20150330_190304 IMG_2965

And a dress of the same type.


And a skirt with belt which was a gift:


Then I made a corset. My first modern one, first underbust and first time drafting the pattern.


And I made 2 jersey dresses from fabric with vintage inspired prints.


Finally, I made 2 modern tartan skirts which I haven’t posted about.


So… on to next year! I already have plans and the first new project has been started. I’ll do a post with plans soon!