Emerald inspiration

Every now and then, I stumble across a dress on an image online and think ‘I want to make that!’. Usually it doesn’t get made, or yet anyway, because I get that feeling much too often for my sewing speed. It’s still fun to dream though. Recently, I found two different green ensembles which I really loved. I adore this color.

La Mode Illustrée, 1864

This lovely drawing is from a fashion magazine. I’m not really a fan of the shade of pink on the left dress, but I adore the right. It’s such a gorgeous color, and would be perfect for winter. I’m not entirely sure about the bonnet though…


Portrait of Juliane Fürstin zu Schaumburg-Lippe c.1781 (Johann Heinrich Tischbein the Elder | The Athenaeum

This other dress is very different, different era, different silhouette and different season. I’ve always liked the green/pink combination which is so typical for the 18th century, and this amount of pink is just right for me. And she even has matching shoes, and what seems like a full flower bouquet in her hair!

So, two more items for the ever-growing wish-list.


2 thoughts on “Emerald inspiration

    • Of course! I actually quite like the design, but I´m not such a fan of pink myself, so it´s a bit too ´princessy´ for me. But luckily tastes differ, otherwise it would be boring!

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