2015 – plans & dreams

After writing my year-review post, I figured it was also time for a list of things I’m planning. I don’t know if everything will actually happen in 2015, but who knows! Most of the items on this list I already have either the fabric or the patterns for.


The first item of this year is already finished! I refashioned my old elliptical crinoline into a 1850’s bell shaped hoop. A blog post will follow.

1860  The vast hoop skirts of the mid-19th century were supported by crinolines – steel, cage-like structures worn with a corset and petticoats. The crinoline reached its maximum dimensions in 1860 and then started to shrink to less ludicrous proportions. for women.

Mine is slightly more subtle though 😉


I’ve also been working on my black velvet 1860’s evening bodice. I drafted the pattern ages ago, but I’m now actually working on construction, so it’s speeding up a bit.


The third item I’ve already started on is a new corset. I want to make some Edwardian pieces, and the corset is the first step.

1903 Edwardian Corset

Other Edwardian items I want to make: a shift, French drawers and a corset cover. I’ve already got the pattern for these.

Edwardian Underwear

Next would be an Edwardian shirtwaist using some of my antique lace. Something like this?:

Stunning White Cotton French Tape Lace Edwardian Bodice Blouse | eBay

And then a skirt. I’m thinking of a corselet skirt, in either black or tartan… (or both?)

Vintage Beauty - belle époque portrait  found at http://retro-vintage-photography.blogspot.com/2011/05/vintage-beauty.html

And because I already have the fabric for this as well, a red Edwardian winter cape.


Another thing I’ve been planning for a while is a red/white regency evening gown. The blue dotted dress took precedence, but hopefully I’ll make this one this year.


And to go with the red/white dress, a new red spencer, which I’ve also already got the fabric for. Something like this, but in red. I’d really like to do some braiding.

Spencer Date: 1813 Culture: American or European Medium: wool, silk


My wish-list is miles long, so maybe some other things will be added, but these are the concrete plans.


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