2014 – Year review

My review of 2014, a bit late, because I finished a couple of projects at the end of december which I wanted to blog about first. Looking back, I think I achieved quite a lot. For me, 2013 was the year in which I truly started historical sewing. I made my first set of underthings, for 1860’s, and finished my first regency dress. In 2014, I continued and learnt a lot.

The year started with finishing my 1860’s black velvet dress.

Photo by Jurgen Niessen

Photo by Jurgen Niessen


After this dress, I started on new regency clothing. To do it properly, I first needed underthings, so I made a shift:



And stays:



After this, I could make my new dress. I started this dress in the summer and it took ages to finish, but it is done and I really like how it turned out.



The end of the year was very productive for me. I made a full set of items for regency outer-wear. A spencer, chemise, bonnet and muff.



At the end of the year in the christmas holidays, I finished two more items. A new, sturdier 1860’s hoop:



And although not entirely historical, my Irish dance dress:



Now onto 2015!