Hoop skirt

This december I started on a new eliptical crinoline cage. My older one was made mostly out of plastic piping and ducttape, and while the piping was sturdy enough, it kept falling apart. As result, I’ve only worn in twice and was constantly worrying how it would keep. Not very pleasant, so I decided to make a new one, do it properly and with steel boning. So I ordered the pattern from Truly Victorian, the boning and loads of ribbon. Here some progress pictures. Good quality will follow when it’s done!


Making the bag:





I couldn’t find proper bone-casing, so I chose to use 3 cm bias tape and folded it in half and stitched it together. This worked fine, although it was narrow for the 11 mm boning. Took a lot of stitching though, as it was 14 meters.





I started with pinning everything together to check the length and even-ness. This is what it looked like before boning. A bit sad still.




That’s better! With all the bones inserted and everything pined together.




And with the ribbons between the half-circle hoops. This is what makes it stand out. Starting to look like a proper cage skirt.




At this point, it looked finished, but everything was still just pinned in place. I shifted some of the hoops slightly, and then started hand-sewing all the ribbons to the hoops. Suffice, to say, this took some time.




To attach the hoops in the front together, I was advised to use heat shrink with glue. I’d never heard of this, but it’s shrinkable plastic piping generally used to attach electric wiring together. It worked quite well, and is very sturdy! This is what it looked like before closing the bias tape over it.



Almost done! So when it’s finished I’ll make some proper pictures to show.

4 thoughts on “Hoop skirt

  1. Hello!
    This is a nice job you did with the cage!
    I’m currently making the same one, or at least i’m trying to… i’m not a native English speaker and i’m struggling with this instructions Truly Victorian gives to built the cage. So far I’ve made part 1 of the bag : assembling all pieces together… but i don’t quite get the rest 😦 (their drawings are mostly useless, and i don’t have enough sewing experience to guess what i’m supposed to do…) .
    May I ask a bit of you time to help me?

    • Hi, yes, of course. I think that you’re now at point 3,c? What you should have now is basically a very long rectangle.
      Long rectangle

      You now fold the bag in two, over the horizontal line (dotted line in picture below). The good (outside) side of the fabric should now be together.
      Fold on the dotted line

      You then sew the fabric together on the raw edge (the other side than the fold). This is shown by the top picture in the sewing instructions (not the pattern). You should leave 6″ on each side without seam.

      You now have the fabric with the wrong (inside) fabric on the outside, so you turn the fabric around so you have it with the good side out. (now your seam will be on the inside)

      At this point you can sew the two sides of the bag together to form a circle. (the bottom picture) You then sew along the lines you marked for the boning (hoops). It is important to leave some room at the front (where you just made the circle. Otherwise you won’t be able to insert the hoops.

      Finally, the last step is make a mark every 13 inches, starting from the center back of the bag.
      I hope this helps, if anything’s still unclear just let me know!

  2. I came upon you blog and thought I’d ask you a question. I’m making a Cinderella dress that transforms. I’d like to have a hoop pop out from underneath. I need something like those pop up hampers that will kind of fold up while retaining its shape. Do you think this boning would work for something like that? I would only need one circle.

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