I haven’t been sewing so much lately, too much other stuff to do, and life gets in the way sometimes. Loads of ideas though, and although I’m not very quick, I’m already planning new projects. So for now, an overview of what I want to do, in various states of reality.

Working on:

Blue dotted Regency dress. This is actually almost done. I only need to hem it. The only thing holding me back is that I have to check the fabric at the top of the skirt, as it might have come apart a little as its so fragile. In that case, I sort of need to re-attach the skirt first before I hem it, and that’s a pain to do, so I’m procastinating.

Irish dance dress. This one is actually coming along nicely, with the bodice, bodice lining, skirt and sleeves all being done, but none of it actually being attached to each-other. I need to assemble it, and figure out what I want with the decorative parts.


Have fabric and pattern for:

Black velvet 1860’s evening bodice. I actually have this cut out in the velvet, just have to cut the lining and assemble it. (and then, trimming!)

Red regency spencer. I’ve actually been planning this for a while, and I have the perfect fabric for it, as well as a pattern I’m starting from. I want to wear it with a red/white regency dress though, so I might want to make that first…

Red/White regency dress. The one which matches the spencer above. I have a pattern I’m starting from, and I have fabric, but its not perfect and I want to search for an alternative first. I’ll probably get that done soon, and then I can either start with the new fabric, or with the one I already have.

Red Edwardian cloak. I’ve been wanting to make a red cloak for ages, and I have beautiful red wool to actually do it. I’m basing my pattern on online and seen examples, so I’ll just need to make a mock-up for it.


Have pattern for:

Edwardian underwear. I figure that when starting on this era with the cloak, I might as well do it well and also build an outfit. So starting with the basics. I’m planning on making a chemise, drawers, corset cover and corset. Now I just need the fabric!

1860’s crinoline. I have one already, but after wearing it one day it starts to fall apart… The downside of using cheap materials and duck-tape. So I decided to do it properly, because I know it will keep me from wearing my black 1860’s dress otherwise. The pattern is bought and due to arrive soon, so I can start buying supplies.



Edwardian blouse & skirt. I don’t have a pattern or fabric for these yet, figured I’d start with the underwear. I’ve beautiful antique lace for the blouse though, and that’s what partly inspired the idea. I’m thinking a white/off-white blouse, and I really want to make a black/red tartan skirt to go with it, and maybe a vest…?


After that:

Okay, so I want to do way too much, so this list is something I’m not starting on for a while. But still.

I love 18th century clothing, especially chintz dresses and jackets. So I want to make one, a jacket and petticoat first, and then maybe an anglaise. And of course I’d need stays first, so that would be the first step.

A bustle dress. I already have a Truly Victorian pattern for an 1880’s jacket, which I’d love to make. And the same goes for a bustle pattern and an underskirt pattern. (all bought second-hand, so I took the chance of cheaper patterns while it lasted!). So bustle, petticoat, under-skirt, (over-skirt), jacket would be new projects. This would need to be done properly though, so I’m waiting with this until I finish some of the previous list!