Inspiration – Wish list

I think every seamstress knows the feeling of wanting to make a hundred things, often at the same time. I personally have a couple of historical and other pieces of which I always think ‘I want to make that’. Time, money and skill are all finite though, so a lot of these will probably stay dreams. Dreaming is fun though, and you never know. I can only give the inspirational example of Cathy Hay, who decided to just go ahead and re-create the (nearly) impossible by tackling a reproduction of an Edwardian dress completely covered in feather embroidery (follow her blog here: ). As I have way to many favorites, in this post I’ll focus on bustle fashions.

So, completely disregarding how difficult it might be to get it right in material and cut, here’s my 1870-1880’s wish-list:

Actual dresses:


House of Worth. I’d let out the feather pattern, but other than that I adore this dress.


I especially like the top of this dress. The bottom I’d change, especially the color. Green or dark blue?


I love black/white, and the brocade is beautiful.


House of Worth. This is an unusual fabric for the period, but I really like it.


I haven’t been able to find a bigger picture of this dress, but look at all those little pearls!


Fashion plates: