Inspiration – Lolita

I love lolita styles. My regular clothing involves a lot of skirts, low heels, blouses and the occasional petticoat, although it’s generally a bit more conventional than full-blown lolita. It’s a great style though, and I especially adore the classic, somewhat more mature pieces. The typical aspects of lolita are knee-lenght skirts with petticoats, white blouses, many dresses and loads of ruffles and lace. It can get a bit over the top, but some pieces are truly beautiful. I suspect my love for it has something to do with the base lolita fashion has in Victorian clothing. I don’t own any pieces from actual lolita brands, because they tend to be quite expensive and hard to find in Europe, but I love to look at the pictures.


Some of my favourite dresses are from Victorian Maiden and Mary Magdalene:

A typical lolita colour-scheme, pink, beige and bourgundy. (Mary Magdalene)

Love the historical reference. (Mary Magdalene)

I love the boat-neckline on this one. It would be even better in navy though… (Mary Magdalene)

They should make more jackets like this. (Mary Magdalene)

A very interesting color-scheme, but it works. (Victorian Maiden)

Classic white/black stripes (Victorian Maiden)

1860’s ballgown bodice anyone? (Victorian Maiden)

I love the fabric choice here, it makes the dress very classic. (Mary Magdalene)


Another lovely brand is the small Dutch 4 O’clock by Linda Friesen




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