Inspiration – Regency sleeves

When thinking of the fashions between 1788 and 1820, the obvious characteristics seem to be a high waist-line, as slim skirt and puff-sleeves. There’s a lot more variation in sleeve styles though, with long/elbow/short length sleeves and both puffs and narrow sleeves. I started to look at this because I wanted something different than the classic puff, and found this great article at Historical Sewing which gives a good overview. But even within the short styles worn for evening wear, there’s a lot more variation than just narrow/puffed. So for this post a whole bunch of short regency sleeve styles from various fashion plates, to serve as inspiration. Starting with bands of gathered fabric, to fitted sleeves with embroidery, scallops, ruching and pleats, to puff sleeves in multiple variations, to sleeves gathered in the center.

Sleeve 4Sleeve 9Sleeve 11Sleeve 16Sleeve 18Sleeve 21Sleeve 22Sleeve 1    Sleeve 5Sleeve 7Sleeve 13Sleeve 10 Sleeve 20Sleeve 8Sleeve 30Sleeve 28Sleeve 40Sleeve 6Sleeve 15Sleeve 19                    Sleeve 26Sleeve 2Sleeve 14Sleeve 17Sleeve 51Sleeve 3Sleeve 23Sleeve 32      Sleeve 37 Sleeve 47Sleeve 43Sleeve 41Sleeve 25Sleeve 45Sleeve 31Sleeve 46Sleeve 35Sleeve 33Sleeve 12Sleeve 27Sleeve 38Sleeve 44Sleeve 48Sleeve 52Sleeve 50Sleeve 42Sleeve 24Sleeve 29Sleeve 39Sleeve 36Sleeve 34Sleeve 49