Regency Short stays

My short stays are done! Since the last post, I sewed the layers together, hand-sewed the lacing holes, made the boning channels, inserted the bones and bound the stays. I did it the lazy way and bought bias binding instead of making my own. I also forgot to make any more progress pictures, so I’ll just show the final result.

Some details:

Pattern: Sense & Sensibility Regency underthings Pattern.

Fabric: Outer & lining made of white cotton, inner layer of coutil.

Boning: Cable ties, black ones, so they show through a bit on the inside, but they’re completely invisible from the outside.

Historical accuracy: I believe the pattern is correct, so are the fabrics. Most of it is machine sewn, so that’s not correct, only the gussets in the outer layer, the eyelets and the binding in the front were done by hand. Boning of cable ties, so that’s clearly wrong, but from what I’ve read they’re comparable to baleen in flexibility.

I don’t have any good pictures of the stays on me, but they achieve the effect they’re meant for.  So for this post, pictures on my dressform.

20140427_202240 (450x600)

20140427_202255 (450x600)

20140427_202307 (450x600)




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