At Easter weekend I went to the Elf Fantasy Fair, or Elfia as it’s called from this year on. It’s an annual fantasy events and one of the biggest in Europe. One of the best things is that nearly all visitors come in some sort of costume, if you’re not dressed up, you’ll be a minority. This event caters towards all types of fantasy scenes, so you’ll see everything from fairies and trolls to pirates, to stormtroopers and from steampunk to historical to lolita style costumes. Many people spend a lot of time on how they look, so it’s always great to just look at all the pretty people. There are also a lot of photographers who just come to make pictures of the visitors.

For me this event was perfect to finally wear my black 1860’s dinner dress, and lucky for me the weather was perfect! I now also finally have some pictures of me wearing the dress. For the rest of the post, photo’s!

Elf Fantasy Fair Haarzuilens 2014

Photo by Jurgen Niessen

Elf Fantasy Fair Haarzuilens 2014

Photo by Jurgen Niessen

1862_10203365082795331_5309961631189132113_n (450x600)

Photo by Liesbeth

902069_4119621486482_8519428259877867727_o (600x400)

Photo by Eveline

10257821_677041232354036_7465800023038134895_o (400x600)

Photo by 365Gaming

img_3633b (389x600)

More of a snapshot, but this was the only picture I had from the back.


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