Sewing – 1860’s hoop skirt

This summer I started with my 1860’s dress, and the first thing to make was the hoopskirt. The idea of this hoopskirt was mostly ‘as cheap and easy as possible as long as the silhouette works’. I didn’t use a pattern, but was strongly inspired by the Truly Victorian 103 pattern and used a photo for reference. Because boning is quite expensive and I needed so much, I decided to look for cheaper options. I was inspired by the Dreamstress’ tutorial of an 1850s hoopskirt made with piping. I couldn’t find the exact same material, but the stuff I got was close enough. I’t not very pretty, but it was cheap and nobody is going to see it anyway when wearing a petticoat and skirt over it. Making the hoopskirt was a lot more challenging than I’d expected, and next time I might invest in a pattern, but I think I managed quite well. Lets just say that it took a lot of pinning the hoops up, and down, and left, and right, and back again, to finally reach the shape I was looking for. Some of the tapes still look a bit crooked, but the silhouette is right, which is the most important thing. I ended up not using any fabric at the bottom, as the lowest hoop is high enough for me to not step on it. I attached the hoops to the tape with duct-tape, simply because I couldn’t sew through the pipe and this was the easiest way.

img_7554 (440x660)img_7555 (440x660)img_7552 (440x660)img_7556 (440x660)






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