Inspiration – Dots

Everyone knows the stereotype 1950s red dress with black dots, but they have been around for much longer. Somehow I’m always a bit surprised to find dots on older garments, but I really love them. So just for eye-candy, here’s a collection of dots in Victorian fashion plates.

1860s. I adore this dress.


1860s. A more subtle application of the black-on-white pattern


1870s. Another black/white dress. The fabric almost looks sheer, and look at all the little bows!


1880s. A very nautical version of dots.

1880s. I really love the icy-blue/dark red combination in this dress.

1880s. Pink, anyone?

1880s. I’m not yet sure if I find the yellow/purple combination brilliant or horrible.



1880s. I’d never have believed that this pattern was historically correct for Victorian fashion, but here it is…