Inspiration – Regency Dresses

This weekend, I attended the Bal Masque organized by Stichting Reverence, a masqued ball taking place in 1813. I had a lovely evening, about which I’ll post more once I’ve got all the photos. For now, it has mainly gotten me inspired again to make a regency dress. I want to finish my 1860s black ballgown first though, so at this point I’m just dreaming, ‘what would I make if I had all the time and money in the world’…

Some of my favourite dresses:

I love the bow at the front, and combination of white and a bright colour.

The colour of this dress is lovely, and I like the little golden grecian trimmings.

I really adore this dress, the colours and the paisly details. I’d need to find an affordable paisly scarf to make this though…

Almost the same as in the painting!

Amazing embroidery, and I really like the idea of a sheer overdress and a bright underdress.

It’s plaid! Not sure if I like the bodice though…

I do like the bodice on this one.

Stripes. I like the gold/white colour combination as well.

Some white dresses can be a bit plain, but I adore this one. The fabric is so pretty.

The lace on this one is even prettier… Love it.

Maybe both a white dress combined with this style…?